#data16 Post Conference Wrap-Up- Round 1: SYDNEY

Hey Folks,

Wow! Last week was simply incredible! Sydney was the first of many “Tableau On Tour” conferences in the calendar for 2016, and boy did we start it with a bang!

Here’s a few of my personal highlights:



Marc Rueter starred in the first keynote to reveal all the great features we can look forward to!  You might not know, but:

Version Control – last year in Vegas we saw Version Control was coming to Tableau Server for dashboards… Marc revealed it’s also on datasources.  This means if someone makes a change on a TDS, that causes issues in your viz, you’ll be able to roll-back and fix, without having to do any tricks with backups and restores

Usability tweaks for Table Calcs – Things are about to get easier! You’ll see what is happening on your viz as you edit your calcs, plus there are labels that drop in to show how the values change as you move from ‘Table Across” to “Table Down”

New Tableau Font – yep, that’s right.  While there’s been a bucket load of research down in the past on colour, they’ve now designed a special font specifically for viz

I was lucky to chat with Marc during the conference, and asked him how Tableau plan to keep ahead of the pack given the competitors current plays.  He believes in simplification: Enabling people to understand their data in Tableau the easiest way possible. – I love it!



Chat with the Tableau Community and you’ll often hear the same line “Using Tableau has changed my life”.  For me, it’s also true. Last week was no exception, getting to share my insights on building a successful Proof of Concept, with the common thread on why Tableau Isn’t the Norm

Just like Neil deGrasse Tyson in Vegas last year, my crowd were greeted with drinks on arrival – talk about the total rockstar treatment!! The session was well received, and my favourite part was answering so many fantastic questions at the end – people really wanted to understand more, and I love that!!

Building a POC, and then embedding Tableau throughout an organisation isn’t hard!  All that’s needed is a bit of determination, and breaking it down into bite size chunks – don’t try to build everything up front.  I’ll definitely write a blog post about some of the tips and tricks I shared at conference, and of course feel free to contact me any time if you’d like to chat about your own POC.

The Tableau Community also starred during the session, with a video by Emily Kund 

…. and there was even a tweet wall with community views on #tableauisntthenorm


If you ever get the chance to speak at conference, do it! Step outside your comfort zone and find the magic!



Timed to perfection, the awesome duo Matt Francis and Emily Kund were kind enough to host me on the Tableau Wannabe podcast (which you can tune into here or here).  We caught up to chat about the Sydney Conference, Women in Data, and generally just have a few, ok, a lot of laughs! I officially want a new job as their intern.  True advocates of our community, they welcomed me and made me feel right at home on my first ever podcast. In March 2016 they are celebrating Women’s History Month, and guest starring many wonderful women in the Tableau Community. Be sure to subscribe, and give them a shout-out!



Nuff said.  You know how great they are, right?!?! Having fun with 700 Data Rockstars = EPIC!!!!



Wow!! What can I say; the guy is an absolute legend.  I happened to “bookend” my week with my favourite chica “Women in Data” extraordinaire, Eva – and we both got to share many laughs with the master himself, Andy Cotgreave.  We were even treated to some enthralling magic, which really brings out the little kid in me, completely giddy!  Andy wowed the data16 crowd with a keynote to remember – The Beautiful science of Data Visualisation – taking us on a thought provoking journey with humour and even some cringe factors (sorry, not a Star Trek fan!!).



If you were at data16, be sure to keep up the momentum with the things you’ve learnt or catching up again with the people you’ve met.  Squeeze every last drop of energy and inspiration out of it, before the post-conference bubble is popped.

One of my favourite parts of any Tableau Conference is the chance to make new friends, and catch up with old mates.  Being involved with the Tableau Community really does change the game, and open new doors. The data rockstars, the newbies, the jedi’s and the evangelists all inspire me to keep going, learn more, throw myself in harder and faster, because the more I push, the stronger the response.  Maybe Newton was onto something?!

Thank you to all of the incredible people who made data16 so extraordinary. Austin is so far away, I might make an appearance in London… watch this space!!

xoxo VizChic

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    Dave story

    Thanks for the recap. I was there two years ago and learned tons…what a great set of folks down under! (Neither down nor under, I say!)

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