Desire for Change


  • Creating desire in people is critical for changing habits
  • Demonstrate WHY the change is important for people: What’s in it for them
  • Grabbing data from to visualise
  • Alteryx is a killer skillset if you’re looking for work


Congrats and welcome to 2018!  A new year often starts with new year’s resolutions, the majority of which get broken within a few days, if not the first month.  But why? We’re creatures of habit, and while most people would happily say they LOVE change… the simple matter is: they (we) don’t!

One of the greatest challenges large organisations face is inertia.  Much of which is driven out of fear and resistance to change.  My most successful projects have included a Senior Change Manager, I miss her dearly in my new role.  She used to challenge me to continually think about the people, helping me to iterate and create the right positioning to allow for successful implementations (shout-out to Mary B, Foxtel are lucky to have you!!).

Mary taught me all about a great change management, in particular about ADKAR – Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement (read more about it here)

Currently I’m working on gamification of learning, I’ve built a model for Tableau and now it’s on to Alteryx.  Why gamify it? It helps the learning process, people don’t get bored and they learn by playing.  But still, it can be hard to set aside time (even when it’s endorsed by your organisation), to commit to training.  And here’s where the ADKAR program comes in: the game must include ADKAR. In today’s blogpost I’m revealing a small smidge of the program I’ve built: What’s in it for me (or them)?!

You may have heard of Simon Sinek, he’s the guy who talks about the golden circle, and starting with WHY  – if you haven’t, you need to check out his youtube videos and get inspired in a matter of seconds.

My goal is to get people excited about their journey with Alteryx, to understand what it can do for their career.  I’ll also talk to them about why it’s going to help our company, but it’s also important to have a personal reason as well.

Inspired by Corey Jones’ Tableau Skills visualisation, I headed to to check out if I could get access to the same data he’d used, switching it to Alteryx.  Sure, it’s there! Then it was time to phone a friend.  I needed an easy way to get the data down, and our local Senior Alteryx Engineer, Kane Glendenning, did me a solid and built it! (Thanks Kane, you’re a legend!!).

Next up: it was over to me to build a quick viz. I decided to use similar structure to Alteryx’s homepage – it was clean, and I needed to build quickly! After briefly cleaning the data,  I threw it into Tableau. I could see the % of job ads was significantly higher than the % of job seekers.  Having recently been on training for data viz with Andy Kirk (highly recommend it, great course), and reading Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic’s “Storytelling with Data” book over summer, I wanted to aim for elegance. What if I could compare the job postings vs job seekers in 1 easy line graph?!  Of course I could.

Q: Why should I bother learning Alteryx?
A: Demand for Alteryx far outweighs supply. Moral of the story: if you’re looking for a new skill to OWN, pick up Alteryx. Simple economics reasoning suggests your bank account (or crypto wallet) may thank you for it.


Thanks again to Kane for helping out with grabbing the data: simply magic!  His workflows are posted here

Final note: I’m considering editing the viz, it’s just the first iteration, but a little birdie tweeted about it already so I wanted to get the blog out.  Keen to hear feedback folks – ping me with ideas 🙂

xo VizChic

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